Paving the road to sustainability

Our comprehensive approach is mindful towards the environment, health, our people and society

Sustainability has become the heart of all our operations. We strike a careful balance between efficiently running our business and protecting our surroundings.

We foster a shared awareness for sustainability across all operations, incorporating care for the environment, health, community and people in our overall strategy. Guided by our purpose to create value for our consumers, we have set purposeful targets to meet. Take a look at our four pillars for sustainability and our efforts to that end.

Discover all the different ways we meet our sustainability targets


Safeguarding the gifts of nature to help reduce climate change.

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Creating healthier options and securing food safety.

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Ensuring ethical treatment and health & safety of our people.

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Giving a helping hand to the surrounding communities.

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Keep up to date with our efforts in the world of sustainability.

SOLAR Panels

Our solar panels reduce CO2 emissions and costs while also insulating the factory to provide temperature control.

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Our Co-Generation (COGEN) system creates clean energy, in turn reducing our CO2 emissions by 20%!

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PET Labels

To help protect the environment, we are switching from PVC labels to the safer option of PET labels.

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