It’s A Goodday For A Virtual Launch!

In a competitive market where brands constantly vie for consumers’ attention with innovative launches and immersive experiences, Goodday launched its Cultured Milk Drink with an event that generated massive media buzz!

As the first beverage brand in Southeast Asia to launch via Moot, an immersive virtual events platform, Goodday transported its guests virtually to the country where the technology behind the brand originated – Japan.

Guests had fun creating their own avatars, who we then took on a tour to intricately designed virtual worlds such as an airport, outdoor themed conference hall, Japanese town and an intimate zen garden. Popular Filipino bands, Dharma Down and Autotelic, entertained guests with virtual performances. Guests included ASAHI stakeholders, sales teams, distributors, media and influencers. The launch managed generate media and online pickup amounting to over 3 million-peso worth of media value.